How serious are you about your business?


This is a question I had to SERIOUSLY ask myself within this past week. I had one of those weeks that online entrepreneurs dread: My web site,, was down and completely inaccessible to my audience and to me for the past week. ACK!!



It was a rough one, but as always, I challenged myself to think about the lesson in it all. Through my tears (kidding, sort of) I determined that my seriousness about my business was being tested here. There were areas where I had clearly slacked, or hadn’t taken all the steps I needed to in order to make sure this business that I have invested more than a year’s worth of time, effort, money and plenty more into was protected.



Can you relate? Is there an area in your business where you’re unnecessarily slacking? Time to ask yourself WHY! And it’s time to put a few things in place to make sure you cover your bases, because your business matters. So don’t take it for granted. Take it seriously.


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