Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they say something in passing that completely rocks your world? Something that – even though it’s about a completely different topic — resonates with you so deeply about something you’re going through? Something that’s like…whoa!


That happened me to me during my interview this week with Jennfier Miotke, President of One on One Matchmaking here in Atlanta. Jennifer’s interview, which is full of great dating advice and insight on running a matchmaking business, will air next week, so make sure you listen out for it. But what struck me during our conversation was her response to my question about why professional women sometimes struggle to date.


And yes, if you’ve been listening to the show, you know I’m speaking about myself. Dating is on my to-do list, but honestly, it sits in the same spot and hasn’t risen to the top of the priority list in a looooong time.


Jennifer’s response gave me a clue as to why that is. Listen to this episode to find out what she says, and to see how half stepping on this things that matter to you is doing nothing but holding you back.


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