Entrepreneur, author, filmmaker and photographer Alyscia Cunningham learned important lessons about building up a resilience to rejection from her tight-knit, Trinidadian family. As a five-year-old, she walked door-to-door with her grandfather as he sold water filters in their Baltimore neighborhood and, on occasion, encountered hostile customers. And her mom, who suffered a stroke after a brain aneurysm when Alyscia was just two years old, never the partial paralysis on her left side stop her from living a full life.


In 2013, when Alyscia wanted to do a “big chop” to support women with cancer, she experienced unexpected rejection and negativity again, this time from women who told her she was crazy to cut her waist-length locks. As was family tradition, that rejection fueled her to move forward more determined than ever, not only to cut her own hair in support, but to celebrate the beauty of bald women in her new documentary and book, I Am More Than My Hair.


In this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Alyscia talks about using your art as a tool of social commentary, finding support for your project through multiple resources and how to incorporate your family into your business as it continues to evolve.

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Be open to expanding your project beyond what you envision.
  • Smart resources to support your documentary.
  • Fiscal sponsorship — what it means and how it can support your project.
  • How to use your art for social good.
  • The value of involving family, especially children, in your business.
  • How to find a good coach.
  • The importance of understanding your mindset as it relates to your business. 







[Music: “Easy” by SPCZ]