I almost didn’t make it. It’s an annual trip my girls – my best friends from my college days at Hampton University – and I take to Martha’s Vineyard each August for the past 3 years. But this summer, I was going to skip it.
Why? Because I didn’t have the space for it. Or so I thought.
I convinced myself just a week out from the trip that I needed to sit this year out and stay cramped up in my 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn working, hard, on my podcast, on my business, on everything else that I am creating. I saw this as the sacrifice I needed to make to “make things work.” How could I allow myself to take a trip now with so much on the line? Doing so would mean I’m not serious about this work. Right?
Thank God, that those same best friends weren’t having it. They respectfully supported my decision, but each in their own way nudged me to make a different choice. And that choice, as you will hear in this episode has done more for me and my business than I ever could have imagined. All because I gave myself some much needed space.

On this episode you’ll learn the importance of giving yourself the space to…


  • Be you and explore
  • Be around people who lift you up
  • Be with people who allow YOU space to do what you need to do
  • Break shit
  • To ask question
  • To not know the answers and to LIVE the question
  • To see just how far your business will take you and see it in action