You know, sometimes I even surprise myself. I consider myself an introvert; although I know how to “turn it on” when needed. But “turning it on” requires work, and for an introvert like me it requires a lot of work and effort, which usually leaves me exhausted afterward. For this reason, I usually prefer me-time or intimate interactions with friends, where I can lay back and be myself.


But that’s not the part that surprises me. What surprises me is how I have become the princess (not quite the queen) of networking since I relocated to Atlanta — connecting with new people nearly three or four times a week. I’ve never had trouble building relationships with people, but honestly, since I worked and lived in New York for so long, I had become comfortable knowing who I knew. I didn’t quite subscribe to the “no-new-friends” motto; but I did feel like: “I’m good.”


The change changed all of that. A new environment, a new perspective, a need to push myself outside of my complacent zone and get out there to connect with new people, and, my priority, to create opportunities to continue to build my business.


This isn’t an episode about your need to network. (I actually find “networking” as we know it kind of slimy, but connections are crucial.) This is about you looking at a change that maybe you’re avoiding, or one that your doubting, and thinking of it in a new way. Perhaps it is just what you need. Listen to find out why.

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