When having a conversation with Charreah K. Jackson — ESSENCE magazine Lifestyle & Relationships Editor and Creator of BossBride — you will be struck by her Southern charm as as much as you will be by her worldly self awareness. The Decatur, Georgia, native — who considers herself “a little bit bossy” and “with a big personality” — grew up surrounded by models of strong black women, with a great, great grandmother who had a rifle, knew how to shoot a straight shot and catch a squirrel with her bare hands. For Charreah, witnessing this strength normalized power and agency.


Today, as Charreah balances a demanding full-time magazine job with coaching clients, her Bossbride community, her personal life and writing her soon-to-be-published book, she realizes that with all that strength she has inherited, she also needs support, and softness, in many areas of her life — and that’s a good thing. As she says, we need to normalize support, and not see it as a weakness.


On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Charreah talks openly about how support and her evolving self awareness allowed her to overcome cancer, shift her relationship with money, walk away from what’s familiar and face her fears by standing up and catching the wave.


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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Take inventory of your talent and your time.
  • How to determine what your gift is and own it.
  • How you can maximize your wealth and live a life of abundance.
  • Be willing to make sacrifices for the hustle.
  • Why, if you’re moonlighting, you should view your job as your biggest client.
  • Getting clear on the vision on your life and what you want that to look like.
  • How to heal your relationship with money.
  • Taking back your power and making a different choice.
  • To up-level your bank account you have to up-level your circle.
  • Being aware of the fact that we live in a culture that gets wealthy off keeping you distracted.
  • The importance of asking yourself what’s not working.
  • Why vulnerability has gotten a bad wrap.
  • Having the courage to walk away from something that has run its course.
  • Why you shouldn’t let the ending tell the story.
  • The genius of standing up and catching the wave.


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Find out more about Charreah’s upcoming course “Happily Ever Now” at readyformyhappy.com.






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