We all love a little something sexy… I don’t care who you are. Something sexy is that thing that turns you on, that lights you up. And at the end of each Support is Sexy podcast episode, when I say “go out there and create something sexy,” I mean it! A sexy life, a sexy relationship, a sexy business, a sexy contribution, sexy results — you deserve it all and then some!


But how? How do we create something sexy?


I don’t pretend to know all the answers — not by a long shot. But I do know that I’m determined to have a sexy life and business, daring to dream it’s possible and doing the work to see it become a reality by co-creating what I envision with the Universe. Sound too woo woo for you? Ok, then have a listen to six things I’ve learned so far about what it takes to create something sexy. Then go out there and get some! 🙂


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