Crystal McCrary has always known that she wanted to be a writer. So what career path did she take after finishing school? She became an entertainment lawyer. Because that’s what so many of us do when we’re not sure yet how to align our passion with our vision and with our business, right? We make what seems like the smart/safe choice. Crystal’s first step toward her dream of becoming a writer? Writing! Something that bestselling author Terry McMillian told her she must do if she was serious. When Crystal was halfway through a book that later became her first novel — Homecourt Advantage — she decided to leave the law firm and take the leap.


Since then, Crystal has written several novels and produced and directed television series, films and documentaries, including her latest project, Little Ballers: Indiana, with WNBA star Skylar Diggins. On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Crystal talks about how her work has evolved, what stories are most important to her at this stage of her life, the importance of more show, less tell, and her advice for aspiring filmmakers, producers an creatives who have a vision, but who are uncertain of which path to follow.

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