They are a part of our lives, day in and day out. Yet we often agonize over them each time we have to face one that we think really matters. But they all matter, don’t they? Our decisions shape our lives. I heard Tony Robbins say in a recent interview with Tim Ferriss that, “It’s your decisions, not your conditions, that shape your life.” And whether the decision is right or wrong, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is: was it the best choice you knew to make at that time? Was it the next best move? If so what more can you ask?


I’ve had moments where I’ve been paralyzed, or on autopilot just doing what I’ve always done, because of indecision. Whether it was because I was comfortable, confused or complacent, I admit there are times when I have avoided making a decision for fear of making the wrong choice — or, more accurately — the winning choice. As entrepreneurs, as women, as ambitious go-getters, the “winning” choice is always on our minds. How do I win? You may phrase it as, “How do I make this happen?” But what you’re really experiencing, in most cases is, how do I win at this? Or how do I avoid getting hurt? Or how do I avoid disappointing anyone? How do I avoid regrets? How do I avoid rejection? How do I make a decision, but still play it safe?


That’s the thing. With most decisions, especially those that have the potential to change your condition or the trajectory of your life, you cannot play it safe. Sure, you want to be smart, you want to take care of yourself. But you if you want to experience the magic, something new, something inspired, something that could move you forward, you have to skip safe and see what it’s like outside of your comfort zone. And yes, it’s sometimes scary AF out there. But that’s where you belong, where you thrive, where you show the world — and most importantly yourself — what you’re made of and what matters to you. Make the decision!


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On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, you’ll learn…

  • Five things I’ve recently come to realize about decisions.
  • How mine have impacted my life.
  • How I plan to take a new approach to my decision-making moving forward.
  • The importance of “maintaining fidelity to your purpose.”
  • The power of deciding what matters and what doesn’t.


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