Three weeks ago when things started to get really real with the Coronavirus COVID-19, I was feeling sort of helpless. Like many, I didn’t know what I could do to help others in the world who were facing this pandemic — which all of us are in different ways, yet in the same ways. It was — and still is — confusing, not knowing what information to trust, but wanting to do all the right things to keep yourself, your family, your loved ones and your neighbors safe.



Dr. Khadeja Johnson’s YouTube video gave me hope. In a heartfelt and at times tearful plea, Dr. Johnson — who is board certified in Internal Medicine and has over 14 years of service to Morehouse School of Medicine and Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, GA, — sat in her home, turned on her camera, and implored us all to stay home. She explained that this was truly a matter of saving lives — yours, others and the healthcare workers on which we all depend. And she shared the scary-yet-necessary conversation she had to have with her son about what happens if mommy doesn’t come home. Still it gave me hope. Perhaps because I felt like hers was a face and a voice I had yet to see featured in all the news I’d been watching. She was going to reach more people. A doctor, but also a mom, to whom many of us as women would be able to relate.



I reached out to Dr. KJ, as she is called, immediately and asked her if she’d be open to coming on one of my video chats that I recently started doing “Wine Down Conversations” that I host Thursday evenings at 8pm EST. These are conversations I began to do with women who have expertise in areas that will support us all as we work to survive and heal and take care of ourselves through this shared crisis. (My way of helping.) She said yes, and this special episode of the Support is Sexy podcast is that conversation.



We talk about the myths that still surround the Coronavirus COVID-19, why you really must stay home, how to speak to your parents about the disease, how Dr. KJ spoke to her young teenager about it and why, no matter what, you have to have the courage to use your voice.



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