If you’re going to talk about Eden Duncan-Smith, make sure you get her name right. In response to the dude from TMZ who mispronounced her name when revealing how much money the 16 year old made when she co-starred in the 2014 movie, Annie, Eden says the first thing she thought was: “Boy, you need to get my name right!”


Eden, pronounced eh-den, first fell in love with acting when she was 9, but when she was younger and auditioning, she didn’t take it seriously. Until Lion King changed everything. After seeing the play and having friends who appeared in it, the self-described whimsical girl decided to get focused. At age 10, out of 500 kids auditioning for the role of young Nala, she got a call back that same day.


Today, as a triple threat performer, Eden realizes she has experienced so much more than the average teenager since she has been in the entertainment business. She has had to manage up, perfect her interpersonal skills and learn how to have thick skin, all by age 16. Now she says it’s “second nature,” and it’s a skill that we all need for life, not just acting.


On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Eden talks about her journey from the early days of starring in the Tony-award-winning revival Fences with powerhouse actress Viola Davis, her mentor, to her upcoming project, Roxanne, Roxanne, with another mentor, actress Nia Long, and she openly shares the real deal on what it means to be a child actor, how to get into the business, and how to stay grounded in an industry that can easily get you caught up.


On this episode you’ll learn…

  • Eden’s advice for young black actors
  • How to stay focused on what’s important
  • Why you need to have the talent then cultivate it
  • The first step to getting into the business
  • The benefits of “cattle calls”
  • How to stay grounded as a young woman in the entertainment industry
  • What you need to be aware of about social media
  • What people misunderstand about the business
  • Why her activism is around getting more girls to love themselves


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