Emily Gaudreau grew up in the mountains of Colorado in a family of entrepreneurs who did everything from selling frozen steaks to owning a lingerie store. She never thought about having a “regular job” or an average life, and when she graduated high school she used an inheritance from her grandfather to leave home at 16 and travel the world, eventually landing in london where she studied art at university in Manchester. For years following, she was a photographer, shooting everything from rock bands and chef Rachel Rae, documentary images in war-torn countries, and entrepreneurs in her photo studio.


Today, as a stepmom to three and a mom of her 5 year old daughter, Emily has been called on a new mission: ending sex trafficking and helping parents learn to have empowering conversations with their children around body safety and sex positivity with her site HowToRaiseAMaverick.com.


On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Emily talks about teaching your kids work ethic, grit, empathy and curiosity, being a maverick parent and showing them powerful examples of entrepreneurship.


On this episode, we discuss:

  • What it means to be called to create something.
  • How to have “the talk” with your child from an early age.
  • What single moms need to be aware of when it comes to protecting your children.
  • How to teach your kids work ethic, grit, empathy and curiosity.
  • 3 traits of maverick parents.
  • How to teach your children examples of entrepreneurship.


VISIT EMILY AT howtoraiseamaverick.com.


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Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen, featured on the Support is Sexy podcast

King Solomon



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