When Erica Mandy’s day job got in the way of her aspirations to discover what her entrepreneurial journey was going to be after being inspired by a blog on side hustles, she knew it was time to leave. That, and her growing frustration with chasing stories for the nightly news as a reporter for CBS Los Angeles as opposed to reporting on the stories she felt mattered most and that offered a balanced perspective. Eventually, that evolved her leaving her day job and launching theNewsWorthy.com, a Monday – Friday podcast that delivers the news in 10 minutes or less podcast episodes that she says are “fast, fair and fun!”


On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Erica, who was raised in Kansas City and worked her way up through the television industry, talks about connecting the dots in your journey in order to determine your next step, how to look at pain points of your audience and serve them in a new way, and how she hopes to shake up the industry and change the way you consume your news.


On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The value of connecting the dots of your experience and career when thinking about your first business venture.
  • The benefits of starting small and giving yourself space to make mistakes.
  • How to look at the pain point of the audience you want to serve and get ahead of where the industry s going.
  • Why shorter content is becoming more popular across all platforms.
  • Having the courage to walk away from the “good job.”
  • Why you get to define success for yourself.
  • Her insider advice for the best way to write your copy and read your scripts like a pro!


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