Let’s face it: Your inner critic is loud af. She means no harm; in fact, she’s there because she wants to keep you safe. But what she ends up doing is keeping you small.


Your whisper, on the other hand, is affirming. She quietly encourages you to go big. Super big. Scary big. She knows it’s what you need, she’s clear that your magic exists outside of your comfort zone. Your whisper tells you to go there. She knows you can do it. She asks, why not you, and why not now?


On this episode, I share moments that we might encounter both of these voices, within our businesses and within our lives, and how to respond in those moments. Be aware of what you’re paying the most attention to, where you’re placing the most value. Trust your whisper — she has your back.


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On this episode you’ll learn…

  • The difference between your inner critic and your whisper.
  • What your inner critic says vs. what your whisper says and how to know the difference.
  • Your bicycle will become a motorcycle.
  • For now is not forever.
  • Ask empowering questions.
  • How your mistakes make you stronger.


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