Jennifer Miotke is president of one of Atlanta’s top boutique matchmaking companies, One on One Matchmaking.  And although she’s not the owner of the business, she feels herself coming into her own as a partner for owner and mentor Sarah Kathryn Walmsley. With her passionate, tell-it-like-style, Jennifer and team have grown the company from three clients in 2009 to hundreds of clients today, and they boasts more than 300 marriages as a result of their services.



On this episode of the Support is Sexy, the Columbia, South Carolina, native — who hustles with heart on behalf of her clients — talks about building a successful matchmaking business, the dating challenges (and opportunities!) that exist for professional women, and why — when it comes to your happiness — apathy is your worst enemy.


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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How conquering your fear helps you build up your grit and resistance.
  • How grow your business too fast could your brand.
  • The importance of great referrals.
  • Her top 3 tips for finding a great matchmaker.
  • The most common challenges successful women face when dating.
  • Jennifer’s top 3 tips for a great first date.
  • What saying “I’m too busy” really means.
  • Why you can’t care about your clients’ success more than they do.
  • Why you have to be aware of apathy about your own happiness.
  • The importance of second chances.



[Music: “Easy” by SPCZ]