Shoe designer Jessica Perdomo is not only an example of resilience and determination (“I can’t tell you how many stores I got kicked out of,” she says), she is also an example of someone who is not afraid to take inspired action. Or maybe, at times, she is afraid, but she does it anyway, and this makes her courageous as hell!


Jessica is the founder of the incredibly gorgeous footwear line, J.J. Gray, which features riding boots and oxfords made exclusively by a family of third generation artisans in the south of Spain. She launched the line with just $800 in 2014 (just enough to cover legal fees for her business), and has since received coveted mentions in fashion biz powerhouse publications, such as Vogue and Footwear News. Raised without many resources by her Dominican grandparents in Queens after her mother passed away, Jessica started working at age 13, and hasn’t stopped since. But it’s the story of the shoe — both at the early start of her career and as the spark that ignited her business — that has been pivotal in her journey.


What I love most about Jessica from the moment I first spoke with her is her grit and authenticity, not only in how she is building her business, but in how she is clearly creating a space for herself and for other young people who may have grown up in tough situations and never been exposed to the possibilities of entrepreneurship. Jessica says she plans to change that. I believe her. I believe you will, too.


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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Thoughts become things.
  • Your past does not define your future.
  • The importance of heeding the signs the universe sends your way.
  • Why it’s a good idea to test your market — even if you start with family and friends.
  • “If you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control your money.” (Jessica’s favorite quote from Warren Buffet.)
  • Know when you’re onto something, and take inspired action!
  • How getting press coverage doesn’t necessarily move the needle for your business.
  • How trunk shows and boldly knocking on doors (even when not invited) can be crucial to your business as a designer.


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