JLove Calderon is a social entrepreneur, activist, author and conscious media maker, who has spent more than two decades working on issues of social justice, race and gender. She is an executive producer of documentaries and docu-series, and she is co-executive producer of the new series “M1 The Message.”


JLove is also a speaker, transformational strategist and coach who helps people get out their dreams.


I met JLove last year at an event and was immediately drawn to her, how down to earth she is, and how committed she is to seeing you win! On this episode she openly shares her truly harrowing journey with you–from being down with the Crips as a teenager to creating conscious content for television today–so you can boldly go after your own dreams no matter your circumstance.


On this episode you’ll learn:

• Making the choice to change
• 3 Ps of social entrepreneurship
• What conscious content is
• How to create content that’s smart AND sexy
• Aligning your passion with your purpose
• Why you can’t just be an artist — you need to handle your business!
• The difference between compromising and getting CREATIVE!


Enjoy, and thank you for listening! And hey, if you love it, please leave us a review on iTunes!


Music: “Someone Else’s Memories” by Revolution Void


Visit JLove at www.jloveandm1.com and www.jlovecalderon.com


Watch the pilot for JLove and M1’s new show, M1 The Message, which debuted on VICE’s The Creators Project, and will appear on network television this fall. (Directed by JLove Calderon, Executive Produced by JLove and M1 Productions)


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