Kathryn Finney, CEO of DigitalUndivided — a social enterprise focused on women owning their work through entrepreneurship. (She’s also the first repeat guest on the Support is Sexy podcast!)


On this episode of Support is Sexy, Kathryn talks about dispelling the myths about Black and Latina technology founders being incapable of launching successful startups, what DigitalUndivided is doing to make a BIG difference in the industry with her annual incubator and why she says getting an investor for your startup is NOT ideal. We also get to hear from Noelle Adams, founder of the Culpability App, who shares her experience in the BIG incubator and how it has helped her grow her business. Apply now if you’re a tech founder who needs support with your vision!


APPLY FOR THE BIG INCUBATOR NOW at digitalundivided.com by January 19, 2018!


On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you have to open up the pivot.
  • The value of going BIG.
  • Why, as women, we need to be willing to move before we’re ready (you know, like men!).
  • And why, as soon as you take funding, that investor is your boss.


VISIT DIGITAL UNDIVIDED AT digitalundiveided.com

Contact digitalundivided at…

Facebook: @digitalundivided

Twitter: @digitalundiv

Instagram: @digundiv




Kathryn Finney featured on episode 77 of the Support is Sexy podcast.


BIG Incubator

Silicon Valley

James Altuscher 


Georgia Tech



Black Lives Matter




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