Kathryn Finney, founder of Digital Undivided, is someone I consider an O.G. — the flyest O.G. — in the technology space. Kathryn, who grew up in the midwest learning about computers from very early on, started one of the first big fashion and lifestyle blogs, The Budget Fashionista, back when Google was “a baby,” as you’ll hear in the episode. She later sold the blog and the brand, and has since moved on to really be an advocate for other women in the technology space.


Today, as head of Digital Undivided, Kathryn provides programs and resources, — such as her BIG accelerator program in Atlanta — to empower women in technology and give them access to vital tools, knowledge and support they need to build successful, sustainable companies. On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Kathryn talks about how to level the playing field when it comes to the number of Black and Latina women who receive investment, the kind of support network — and romantic relationships — entrepreneurs should consider, and how to build a badass brand that people may want to buy.


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On this episode you’ll learn…

  • What entrepreneurs looking for love should consider
  • How becoming a parent empowers you to say no and mean it
  • The shift to the 1099 economy
  • Her advice for consultants looking to work with big corporations
  • How she built and sold her blog, The Budget Fashionista
  • The drawbacks of aligning your brand with yourself
  • 3 ways to decouple yourself from your brand so that it can stand alone
  • 4 reasons that people buy into a tech brand
  • How to change the disparity in how few Black and Latina women tech founders get investment
  • Why you should only take investment to get growth not to get started
  • Other ways your family and friends can invest in you that you may never have considered
  • And the POWER of asking for support
  • Why support networks — especially with people who aren’t afraid to tell you about yourself, are key to your success


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