It wasn’t until three or four years into her side hustle that Kimberly Blackwell, CEO of the award-winning PMM Agency based in Columbus, Ohio, took the leap of faith and struck out on her own as an entrepreneur. Until then, the Cincinnati native was working for a big company in marketing while building what she never imagined would become her full-time business. And when Kimberly finally went for it, she did so from the confines of her one-bedroom apartment, though her mindset enabled her to think much bigger. What has sustained her and her business – which works with companies such as Nationwide, Toyota and Fed Ex – for nearly 20 years? Her faith, her natural affinity for people, her competitive nature, her desire to always over-deliver and, as she says, being a “pay-it-forward kind of chick.”


On this episode, Kimberly talks about the importance of paying attention to the points of reveal, why you’re only as strong as your network, why those networks should be diverse, how, as a marketer and creator, you have to speak the love language of your audience, and why – when it comes to personal branding — you have to remember that you have a brand with your boss and you have a brand with your bae.


On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of paying attention to points of reveal.
  • Why you’re only as strong as your network — and why that network needs to be diverse.
  • The value of making sure you over-deliver on every project.
  • How to move beyond imposter syndrome moments.
  • The difference between being “invited” and being “included.”
  • How to be an intentional communicator.
  • The importance of TND – Tone and Delivery.
  • Speak the love language of your audience.
  • The benefit of getting out of your comfort zone.
  • What most of us get wrong about personal branding.
  • 3 top marketing tips for new entrepreneurs.
  • Why mindset is everything.
  • Why women business owners must look into collaborating in order to help each other grow.
  • There’s power in course correction.
  • The importance of having mentors and champions on your side.
  • Why you have to regularly reinvent your business.
  • Remember that you have a brand with your boss and you have a brand with bae.





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