Atlanta native Lisa Binderow never thought she’d love being an entrepreneur, but was drawn to the analytical side of it — finding problems and coming up with creative solutions. Such was the path for Lisa — who now lives with her husband and soon-to-come baby in New York — in 2014, when her cropped leggings on the way to teach yoga class just weren’t enough, and the existing solutions of itchy, acrylic leg warmers just weren’t cutting it. Problem found.


The solution? nicepipes, Lisa’s invention of arm and leg warmers that are soft, comfortable, stretchy and perfect for fitness fanatics, plus they protect you from the cold. Ever since Lisa wore her first few samples to yoga classes and other teachers coveted her nicepipes, the brand has been heating up ever since — and most recently became a hot topic when Lisa made a memorable appearance on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.


On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Lisa talks about finding the courage to dive into the Shark Tank, and the power of daring greatly, knowing when it’s time to move on and being brave enough to turn down what might seem like an opportunity of a lifetime.


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On this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to leave that thing that doesn’t make you happy, even if what’s next isn’t perfect.
  • How to get over the fear of changing course.
  • First steps to take when you have a new product idea.
  • How to take inspired action.
  • Why people are your greatest resource.
  • Remembering that it’s important to know what you want and what you DON’T want.
  • For every big YES there may be 5 no’s, but you have keep going.
  • How to walk away from what may seem like a deal of a lifetime.
  • Being focused on what matters most to you, your life and your business.
  • How to get comfortable trusting your gut.
  • What Lisa learned about herself and the kind of business she wants for Nice Pipes after Shark Tank (and the book that prepared her for her appearance).
  • Why you have to surround yourself with people who support you and allow you to be vulnerable.




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