Growing up in Haiti and later as a teenager in the US, Marie Jean-Baptise always knew she wanted to create something different, although she didn’t know what that something was. There was a part of her that dreamt of be a fashion designer — or an Alvin Ailey dancer. After designing her first collection at age 18 and landing an internship with one of her fashion idols, Lemington Ridley, she decided fashion was her true love.


Today, as an e-commerce fashion entrepreneur, Marie has a gorgeous fashion line, Rue 107, that she has been building since 2011, and is beloved by fashionistas of all sizes. Marie speaks candidly on the Support is Sexy podcast about bootstrapping out of necessity, how to connect with your customer, her vision for developing Rue 107 into a truly size-inclusive brand and how to move beyond the loneliness of entrepreneurship.


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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of testing.
  • Why you have to develop a service mindset.
  • How not having access to capital can benefit you.
  • The challenge of having a straight and plus-size line.
  • The reality of being one of few Black women designers in fashion.
  • The lesson she learned about “black” and “urban” brands.
  • The fashion business is not designed for WOC to win.
  • What she learned about hiring and firing people.
  • Why you shouldn’t put people on a pedestal in business.
  • Greatest misconception people have about fashion design.
  • Why social media does not equate to sales.
  • Don’t get too attached to your product.
  • Why you can not operate from a space of fear and should always leave room for growth.


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