Pamela Macklin always knew she was meant to be three things: a leader, a creative and an educator. Over the past 20+ years in the fashion industry – as a style director for Essence magazine and an image maker, who has created looks for — and told the stories of — some of the most iconic people in the entertainment industry, she has been able to explore all of those parts of herself.


Most recently, the Fashion Institute of Technology instructor celebrated her latest creation, an event called #TALKINGBEAUTY, which evolved from an idea that came to her one afternoon while lounging in her place in New Jersey. The event brings together women for food, fellowship and honest conversation about beauty and what they want from the products they use. On this episode, Pamela talks about what putting on the event taught her about overcoming fear, taking inspired action, the importance of partnering and the beauty of expansion.


And Pamela’s key question that kept her motivated? “Why not??? DO!”


On this episode you’ll learn…

  • The importance of getting over our own “stuff” and pushing boundaries.
  • People are always watching.
  • The power of being your honest, authentic self.
  • How unplugging and being aware of life opens the door to opportunities.
  • How to be flexible, not rigid, and expand.
  • How working in retail helped her transition into the fashion industry.
  • Why you must know what you’re great at!
  • Experiment to learn what you love and to discover your gifts.
  • Why we all need a big fan and a big critic.
  • What it means to know that you are a brand and what message you’re sending.
  • What gets in our way as women.




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[Music: “Easy” by SPCZ, 2016 and “Latin Rhythm” by Sunsearcher, 2009]