A power(ful) walk on the beach with masterful motivator Tony Robbins and 100 other people in the Bahamas could change anyone’s perspective. But for fitness expert and Intensati founder Patricia Moreno, it changed everything. At the time — as a longtime fitness instructor, who new the pains of yo-yo dieting and struggles with weight — Patricia wanted to create a workout that really transformed people physically and spiritually for the long-term; not for the moment. And it was on that beach that the idea she had been searching for, and open to, became clear to her.
But Patricia quickly realized that she couldn’t just talk about it, she had to be about it. As she says, “you can’t sell it if you don’t own it.” So she set out on a quest to build followers of her new workout style, called IntenSati, which involves a combination of positive affirmations and powerful movements. In this episode, Patricia talks about how inspired action led her to form a business that aligned with her purpose, how to put your “musts” before your “maybes,” and how learn to live the question.

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to live the right question!
  • Your determination to find the solution opens you up to possibility.
  • How changing your mindset and how you identify helps you change your life
  • The power of “I am.”
  • It’s ok to be scared, just be courageous as well.
  • Why you don’t have to have a solution, you have to be determined to find it.
  • You can’t get the idea until you’ve set the intention and asked the question.
  • Be thirsty!
  • Take “try” out of your vocabulary.

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