I am so blessed to get presented with a variety of opportunities that extend beyond the Support is Sexy podcast and that are often a reflection of the hard work I’ve done over the past 20 years in media. And while I examine all opportunities with an open mind, a prayerful heart and a confidence that lets me know that all opportunities – even the ones I may decline – come my way for a reason, I still find myself putting the worry before the opportunity. So while I’m thinking and praying and being open minded, there is a part of my mind that is already past the opportunity and thinking about all of the implications it could mean for me and for my life and for my family and for my future and what about this and what if this means I’m going to have to do that, but what if that happens and oh gosh what about….?


This is what previous Support is Sexy podcast guest and Drop the Ball author Tiffany Dufu says is worrying about problems that you don’t have, which is a lesson a mentor taught her when she did the same.


Since this is something that happened to me just recently, I wanted to share this message with you all as you weigh the opportunities that present themselves in your life and give a few reasons why you want to be aware of whether you’re worrying about problems you don’t even have.


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Tiffany Dufu featured on the Support is Sexy podcast







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