There is a moment within this episode where I talk about how not accepting support has pushed some of us so far that we end up hurting ourselves…………..


There is a long pause after the first time I say this. It shook me up when I vocalized it. I listened to that segment again and again in editing and debated whether I should take it out. When I began wiping tears away, I decided to leave it in.


I began this episode talking about a recent, courageous video that Necole Kane (formerly of released where she spoke through tears about struggles she’s going through in her business and in her life after making some big moves and transitions, and I share how much I can relate. But know this, this episode is about YOU. I want YOU to get the support you need in all areas of your life — whatever that looks like. Your job is to stop being resistant, to ask, to accept, and to let support show up for you in all the ways it wants to and in all the ways you need.


To not allow support is selfish. And you are not selfish, you are up to something, you are BIG, you have purpose, and support is there to see you through.


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On this episode you’ll learn…

  • The importance of asking for support — for real!
  • How to face down resistance.
  • Giving up “I got it” syndrome.
  • Why support is sexy for your mental health.
  • Why not asking for support is selfish.
  • Why you must surround yourself with people who push through your resistance.


Fila Antwine
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Necole Kane video “What They Forgot to Tell Me About Leaving a Successful Brand”
Kaira Akita
Akinah Rahmaan
Momentum Education
Breathing Space (And the Trip That Almost Wasn’t)


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