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Elayne Fluker delivers content that empowers women to know that support is sexy, and that having it all doesn’t mean doing it all alone! 

She encourages ambitious women to get over “I-got-it” syndrome and embrace the power of support and collaboration. Whether startup entrepreneur, senior executive or stay-at-home mom, women are accustomed to handling their business at all costs, even when it comes to sacrificing their own well being. Elayne shows women how to tap into their networks, and know that — with support — they can create lives filled with possibility, purpose and peace. Elayne Fluker is a media entrepreneur, who has worked in media for more than 20 years as a writer, editor and producer. She has appeared as a featured guest on Today show, Nightline, CNN, Sirius XM Radio and more, and she has been a speaker at events at the United Nations, the Women of Power Summit, New York University, Spelman College, Howard University, Columbia University, The National Association of Black Journalists and the Essence Music Festival, to name a few. 

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Are you tired of playing “superwoman” and struggling to be a “flawless, fearless badass?” It’s time to retire that cape and take off the mask of independence! You do not have to do this alone! As Jim Rohn said, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. In this presentation for ambitious women, who are leaders in all areas of their lives yet trying desperately doing it all, we’ll do the math! Learn how to add support to the equation, build your circle of influence, make empowered asks and enroll others in your vision.

  • You’ll learn how to:
    • Get over “I-Got-It Syndrome.”
    • Understand Elayne’s H.E.L.P. model.
    • Ask for and accept support.
    • Make empowered asks.
    • Realize how much not asking for support has been holding you back in your life (and why it’s literally killing us as women).
    • Build your own power tribe of the five people you spend the most time with.
    • Embrace the power of support and collaboration.



Are you a person who decides on a goal and thinks about the possibilities for reaching that goal, or are you a person who determines a goal and only sees the obstacles standing between you and success with reaching it? In this presentation, Elayne shows participants how to adopt a possibility mindset. Having a possibility mindset is a way of being that will shift your outlook and set you up for success. What many of us don’t realize is that your mindset is a choice, which means you have the power to change it! Once you become conscious of the mindset you currently have — without judging yourself for having it — you can decide to make a shift to a mindset that will lead you to your purpose, and that allows you to be of better service to the yourself, your family, your community, your business and the world! 

  • You’ll learn:
    • 7 Ways to adopt a possibility mindset and live your life on-purpose.
    • The power of vision in creating the life you want.
    • Discover who is the woman you want to become — and how to be, do and have so you can become her now.
    • What it means to “live the question.”
    • How to let go of the “how.”
    • How to take inspired action.
    • Create your own possibility vision board.




Podcast listenership is growing by tens of millions every year, up from 47 million in 2015 to 67 million in 2017 in the U.S., as listeners take to the platform and enjoy getting quality information on the go. Though the scope of podcasts continues to expand, the field is still dominated by men, with 87 of the top 100 podcasts being hosted by men, while only 13 are hosted by women. This presents a unique opportunity for women to raise their voices and make their mark in the booming industry! Elayne Fluker knows the power of podcasts firsthand. As host of the Support is Sexy podcast featuring inspiring women entrepreneurs around the world, she has interviewed more than 300 women, and has listeners in 130 countries. In this presentation, she teaches women how to lift their voices, refine their messages and use the platform of podcasting to grow their businesses, connect with new audiences and become a woman of influence. Now is the time!

  • You’ll learn to:
    • Find your voice: Determine your podcast topic and your ideal audience.
    • Build your confidence.
    • Share you message.
    • Grow your audience.
    • Optimize and monetize.
    • Utilize one of the best marketing strategies there is: Podcast guesting.
    • Master both sides of the podcast mic — as a host and a guest.
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