You’ve seen her on The View, Today show, E! and more, she was the first woman of color to be beauty director of Seventeen magazine, has graced the pages of many others and has been a host on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, the Oscars and more. Her clients include P&G, Cover Girl and Walmart, and she is a style ambassador for brands like InStyle. But what’s grand about Tai Beauchamp is how grounded she is and how committed she remains to empowering young women with love and style. And you will experience all of that in this conversation with her.


Raised in Newark, New Jersey, and greatly influenced by her beloved grandmother, Tai has created a business, Tai Life Media, that marries social impact and marketing for several initiatives, such as My Black is Beautiful. In 2015, Tai launched her fashion, beauty and lifestyle web site,, that is another avenue for her to reach young women. With all that she has accomplished, and with more in the works such as a new TV show (stay tuned!), Tai reveals in this episode the not-so-glamorous parts of her journey, the moments that are sometimes lonely and the empowering epiphany she had around support.


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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of being open to signals from the Universe.
  • Recognize your calling, when start to open up and happen — listen.
  • The benefits of having a partner in business and in life.
  • The importance of keeping some things off social media.
  • The importance of showing up every time.
  • Utilizing your platform to have social impact.
  • Realize when it’s time to cut the fat.
  • Why you don’t have to be superwoman.
  • Know when to make room for a partnership.


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