“Everything I have ever achieved in my life has been through people seeing my higher self, and just speaking to me as that.”


By age 25, Tanya Alvarez’s first business, Blink Ads, generated more than $1 million in revenue within the first year, and she was already thinking about launching her next ventures. She went on to successfully launch two other companies – Spokesmoms and La Cosmopolatina — but even with that success, the Miami native, who had already worked at four startups by then, said that comparison mode made her think she still hadn’t done enough, and she began to consider how much time and commitment it would take to continue to grow her businesses, and whether or not she wanted to sacrifice her personal life to achieve that.


In this conversation, Tanya openly shares how she made tough decisions, and walked away from her businesses, to create the life she wanted, how she set aside ego to truly see what kind of business would fuel her. Now Tanya is committed to helping other entrepreneurs reach their highest through her new company OwnersUp, which is an online accountability platform for entrepreneurs.


And guess what, Tanya schooled me on the importance of having a support network even for your dating life, people who hold you accountable for swiping right when your default (and fear) would usually cause you to swipe left. Mind blown.


On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Knowing whether you’re driven by what you want or by ego
  • Why you should always test things out before you use technology
  • The power of niching down and serving your audience in ways others are not
  • Thinking of ways to have big impact by starting small
  • The importance of higher listening
  • How comparison mode can skew your judgment
  • The benefits of looking for someone you can partner with
  • Why you need champions and someone to encourage you out of your comfort zone


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