In this episode of Support is Sexy, if you’ve been thinking about getting extra support in your business, Tasha Booth, CEO of The Launch Guild, a virtual assistant agency, has just the advice you need. Tasha answers what is a virtual assistant, who should have one, and what you should consider before hiring one or even becoming one yourself. As a successful business owner herself, Tasha gives great advice and practical tips for all entrepreneurs who are trying to start or grow their business in this episode of Support is Sexy.


Elayne Fluker

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, “Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone.” As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, she interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne is also founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit Thank you for listening!


About our Guest:

Tasha Booth is the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild, an online business management and digital marketing implementation agency that supports high level coach and course creators. Their priority is making sure the leader feels supported and that nothing slips through the cracks. Tasha also coaches and mentors virtual assistants who are looking to start and grow their businesses.



Insight from this episode:

  • Benefits of bringing on support for your business and what options are available to you.
  • Strategies to leverage your past experiences into your current endeavors.
  • Tips for building authentic relationships and business networks, especially in the virtual space.
  • Details on becoming and thriving as a virtual assistant even during difficult times.  


Quotes from the show:

  • “You really want to tap into what have I done in the past that I’ve enjoyed, and how can I translate that to whatever this new thing I want to create is.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761
  • “Once I leaned into what I enjoyed doing, that’s when my business exploded.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761
  • “I’m never going to fully take a vacation if it’s just me… I realized pretty quickly that I was going to have to build some sort of a team in order to be able to have stability in my business and also freedom in my business.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761
  • “Relationship is the reason that people want to hire you or the reason that people remember you.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761 
  • “You are a strategic partner, partnering with another business owner to support them in their business. They’re not your employer employing you. So when we step into the relationship as strategic partners, we’re stepping in on even footing.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761
  • “If you don’t take the time to focus on one thing at a time and give it its full capacity to grow and to be excellent, you’ll never know what its capacity was.” –Tasha Booth Support is Sexy Ep. #761



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Launch Guild’s Built to Profit course

Launch Guild’s Booked and Balanced course


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