Tricia Lee has always been about her business, literally.  
At age 11, the Phoenix native had a cleaning business, including classmates — and her sister — who worked for her for $5 per day.


After high school, Tricia wanted to be a flight attendant — and did, at age 19 — until she was fired.


What came next, after getting her B.A. in Communications from Arizona State University, was more than a decade of groundbreaking work in the beauty business, including positions at Estée Lauder and MAC Cosmetics, and eventually with the launch of her innovative business, Polish Bar — a nail salon that took Brooklyn (and the industry) by storm.


But 10 years later, even though her business was still buzzing and beloved by the press and patrons, Tricia knew it was time to move on, again. Next stop: real estate. But the journey wasn’t an easy one. In fact, Tricia calls it muddy, one of the hardest she has faced.


On this episode, Tricia talks to us about believing wholeheartedly in your dreams, tapping into that part of yourself that knows when it’s time to make a move, and how success can sometimes cloud your reality.

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to keep moving toward your vision despite the obstacles.
  • Knowing when it’s time to move on.
  • Remain focused on your WHY.
  • How to make liars out of haters.
  • Why you have to surround yourself with people who support your kind of crazy.
  • Moving beyond from the guilt of moving on.
  • How to face down self doubt.
  • How success can sometimes cloud your reality.
  • The benefits of the hard times.
  • Her advice for women going through a tough transition.
  • How being “bout it” has been key to her success.
  • The importance of doing the work when no one is watching





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