What’s your story?


We all have one – a story of where we began, how we got to this point, what we’ve encountered along the journey so far. Now, consider this: How might the story that you’ve been telling yourself — whether true or not — be holding you back? More than that, how is it stressing you out?


This is what career and personal development strategist Victoria Geller helps her clients navigate: learning to let go of the story that no longer serves you, and how to recognize when it may become harmfully stressful or create a barrier between your goals and your success.


Victoria knows firsthand what it’s like to experience this. As a single mom, who began her career in marketing as an administrative assistant, she worked her way up to a corner office on Madison Avenue during her last 17 years in corporate America. It wasn’t easy, and there were times when her jobs in the past literally made her sick. But what was even more trying was that she also knew that this wasn’t it – or at least not all of it. Victoria wanted to offer more, to help other people feel unstuck in their careers and their lives by sharing her experiences and the techniques that she has used successfully to create change in her own life and career. So she formed her company LOAMLife, which offers Career Transformational Coaching is for young professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. Here, Victoria shares those tips with us, and tells you how to leave that old story behind.


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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why having a bridge job is a smart, strategic move.
  • Explore the possibility of being an intrapreneur within your organization.
  • How to solicit feedback and get support in your blind spots.
  • Most of have a story that we need to leave behind in order to succeed.
  • 3 ways to move beyond your story.
  • The power of asking, “and then what?”
  • How to know when it’s time to get help when your job pushed you to breaking point.
  • Be selfish about who you let in your world.


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