Yes, as a woman entrepreneur there are going to be days when you may feel frustrated with your business because it’s not growing as quickly as you hoped. Yes, there will be days when you are discouraged that something you thought was going to work out a certain way simply doesn’t. Yes, there are going to people who don’t get it, don’t support you, don’t care. Yes, there are going to be events, conferences and “top ____ lists” that have your name no where near it. Yes, some days, you are going to want to throw in the towel and call it quits.


Don’t. You were given this vision for a reason. You know in your heart that you’re on to something, that you were meant to do this. And even on your worst day, there’s a part of you that whispers, “you got this!”


Use this episode for a bit of encouragement during those moments when you need to hush your inner critic, and remind yourself exactly who the ____ you are.


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