This weekend, or whatever day it is that you happen upon this episode, be sure you have some YOU time in your schedule. YOU time is your time to replenish, to have some breathing space, to meditate, to hear your own thoughts — or to not think at all, time to just be.


As entrepreneurs and women who are creating something super sexy in the world, I get it, you’re busy. You have a lot to do — probably too much to do — and you simply can’t stop now! But, here’s the thing: you MUST.


Otherwise, you will crash, you will burn, and everything that you say your sacrificing your YOU time for will not matter in that moment. Instead, take care of YOU! You will be a better entrepreneur, a better leader, a better woman for it.


On this episode, I’ve rounded up the parting wisdom of some of our previous guests from our first 70 episodes — women who not only offer keys to success, but keys to your well being. Pause for a moment, just under 10 minutes, and have a listen.


You deserve this. It’s all for YOU.