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Having it all doesn’t mean doing it alone

Too many ambitious women suffer from what Elayne calls “I Got It!” Syndrome™ as they struggle to accomplish their goals and their ever-growing to-do list on their own. That mindset often leads to stress, anxiety and feeling stuck.

If you’re unapologetically ambitious, Elayne is cheering you on — but she’s also encouraging you to recognize how imperative it is that you stop struggling to do it all alone and get support. Otherwise you will never be truly fulfilled personally or professionally.

In her book, Get Over “IGot It” (HarperCollins Leadership), you’ll get real-word, actionable advice to help you build a solid network, enroll others in your vision and establish healthy boundaries to achieve success, stress less and accomplish more with support.

Elayne’s tagline “Support is Sexy” is now a phrase I and many other ambitious women say to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do it alone. Reading her new book “Get Over I Got It” is like having a friend in your head who is there to remind you that even greater things are possible when you are in it together! I was impressed with Elayne’s ability to address “I got it syndrome” from multiple angles and with step by step call outs for letting go and leveling up. As Elayne says: “even Oprah has Gayle.” Her book has my heartfelt recommendation!

Tyrona Heath

Director, Market Engagement, , The B2B Institute at LinkedIn

“This delightful book, written by a retired superwoman herself is a pot of gold for any ambitious, go-getter woman ready to finally retire her cape, do less and experience the abundance she deserves. Elayne lights the way with her wisdom filled stories, encouragement, directives and interviews with professionals. Read this book – and learn from the best!”

Dr. Zoe Shaw

Psychotherapist and author, A Year of Self-Care

“This is the book I’ve been waiting for. As a founder of a startup – and as a woman – I crave business books that speak to my experience and energetics. In Get Over ‘I Got it’, Elayne Fluker taps into the core essence of female power to not only unlock our potential but to know that we don’t have to do it all alone. A must-read for women starting out, or well within their career.”

Stephanie Nadi Olson

Founder, We Are Rosie

In this irresistible call for connection and collaboration, Elayne challenges the patriarchal reverence for individual contribution: that our value depends on how well we can manage without anybody’s help. This book is an invitation for women (and men) to create a more powerful (and sexy!) system that leverages what matters most to humanity — our relationships.

Chantal Pierrat

Founder, Emerging Women

“Elayne Fluker is the real deal and truly a force of nature. Her journey and story is one of a champion for self love, self empowerment, and reclamation of energy. Elayne’s writing feels like brunch with your best friend and a breakthrough therapy session all beautifully rolled into one grounded, raw, and insightful book.“Get Over I GOT IT” is a complete game changer and no doubt a book every goal-oriented woman should read at least once.”

Maya Penn

Award-winning CEO, Eco-Entrepreneur

“As a superwoman-in-recovery myself, I suffered the tyranny of the “independent woman” trope for too many years. Elayne Fluker’s Get Over “I Got It” was the book I needed all that time. Elayne lays out a simple step-by-step pathway for tempering our ambition and drive with the more feminine superpowers of vulnerability, receptivity and softness–to magical effect. Reading this book you’ll discover how to ask for what you want (and deserve); see that burnout is avoidable and that it’s possible to keep your tank full; understand the value of surrounding yourself with a network of supportive women; and so much more. My friends, it’s time to trade the myth of independence for the promise of healthy interdependence–and Get Over “I Got It”shows us how.

Kelly Notaras

CEO of KN Literary Arts, Author of The Book You Were Born to Write

“Elayne is a force! She’s committed her entire career to not only sharing the powerful stories of women but sharing her own wisdom to empower us all to rise. In “Get Over ‘I Got It'” Elayne inspires 21st Century “superwomen” in a new way–encouraging us to recognize that asking for, enlisting, and accepting support is one of the keys to living a life that is full.”

Tai Beauchamp

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder, Brown Girl Jane

“I’m thrilled and heartened to see books like “Get Over, I Got It” being published, we’re all so tired, burned out (and quite frankly bored) by the old school mindset of ‘hustle harder’, ‘lean in’ and ‘grind it out’. Elayne nails the concept that rest and support is a source of strength, not weakness – and the dire (if not deadly) consequences of ignoring this sage advice. A must-read for womxn of all ages and life stages.”

Martine Resnick

Co-Founder, The Lola, a womxn's club and digital community

This is a “must-read” on self-preservation and empowerment for woman in leadership! Elayne peels back the layers and goes deep by sharing her personal experience, as well as other influential women, who’ve benefited from seeking support, establishing boundaries, and taking off their capes to prioritize themselves.

Nadia Lopez

Educator and Author, The Bridge to Brilliance

As a recovering “I Got It” addict I greatly appreciate Elayne’s perspective and challenge to step away from constantly trying to prove ourselves and to step into relationship, connection, and support. I love how clearly she explains the risks of trying to do it all and the rewards of living a life with support and reminds us that this is not just a good idea but this is a necessary shift for women in order to live a healthy life. As we continue to fight for our rights, for equal pay and for equal representation in leadership I hope this book also galvanizes us to fight for our health and happiness. #supportissexy!

Carissa Reiniger

Chief Executive Officer, Silver Lining

Elayne Fluker has hit the mark in her book “Get Over I Got it,” by showing the strength of being vulnerable and calling in the support you require. The time of dysfunctional independence is over. Our world is changing and to have the true success we need to be able to step outside our comfort zone and share our unique gifts and talents. We do not need to be good at everything, but we do need to get good at asking for help and guidance.

Barbara Biziou

Transformational Vision Coach, Author of The Joy of Ritual

I had the honor of reading a draft of this book in November of 2018 at a time when I was going through a transitory moment of my own. When I got to the “I Got It” chapter (because it was just a chapter back then), a lot of things started to make sense all of a sudden. I had been trying to change my circumstances for years, but now I saw that before I could change my circumstances, I had to change the way that I related to the world around me. This book is written in the language that we, as unapologetically ambitious women, understand and forces you to do the uncomfortable work necessary to be, and more importantly feel, successful. I will be eternally grateful to Elayne for putting words to a concept I didn’t understand and will be recommending this book to every woman who’s still too afraid to let others support her. “

Polina Hanin,

Principal, Aequitas Partners