Longtime friends Courtney Anderson and Tiffany McKenzie have taken “moonlighting” to the next level. As full-time lawyers — a tenure-track law professor at Georgia State University and an estate planning attorney, respectively — the Atlanta, Georgia, residents are also co-owners of boutique fitness studio, Vibe Ride. With a diverse and passionate group of clients built over their past two years in business, Vibe Ride combines fitness, technology, a sense of community and ratchet music with popular classes that include indoor cycling, barre and P90x.

In this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Courtney and Tiffany open up about being the underdog, facing the doubters and creating a business and a community that’s truly unique and all about the perfect vibe.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The balancing act of building a business and a full time career.
  • Importance of having the right team.
  • Always add twice as much time and  money into what you want to do.
  • The importance of experimenting with your marketing strategy to see what’s working.
  • How to foster community with your customers.
  • How to pick the perfect location.
  • How to build and manage your team.
  • How to get through moments of doubt (from you or from outsiders).
  • Advice for choosing investors for your business.
  • How to tell your job about your business and finding ways to marry the two.


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[Music: “Easy” by SPCZ]