Since she was a young girl in Washington, D.C. — towering over other kids in her class thanks to her statuesque physique — Quiana Murray has embraced her bossiness with pride. While many girls may be dissuaded from taking the bossy route, Quiana says her mother made sure to cultivate her leadership qualities.


That propensity to lead carried over into college, where Quiana realized she was someone who naturally knew how to galvanize support for events and projects she led for the school. And later, as an entrepreneur, her business evolved as she tapped into that expertise and began focusing on helping small businesses and nonprofits procure sponsorships and giving them the ability to hone in on their own zone of genius.


Now, as a business transformation coach, Quiana wants to help you take your business from “breaking even to bankrolled!” On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Quiana discusses the journey to discover your own expertise, how to shift your mindset around sponsorships and partnerships and how to know when you’re ready to make that first call.


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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the ability to say “no” teaches you about yourself.
  • How to become sponsorship-ready.
  • Shifting your mindset around sponsorship and partnership.
  • Why you should rethink corporate opportunities.
  • The biggest challenge businesses face when seeking sponsorship.
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to know if you’re sponsorship-ready.
  • Which sponsors you should reach out to.
  • Top 3 tips for getting sponsors.
  • Why you need to get started TODAY.


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