Say “yes.” Spiritual teacher Barbara Biziou has taught me, and thousands of her students around the world (Donna Karan and Gabby Bernstein among them), many things over the years, but one of the most powerful for me is embracing the possibility of “yes.” Barbara says we, as creative women looking for experiences, say it far too little.


Barbara is a student of global culture and rituals who uses “practical spirituality” to support you in creating an extraordinary life. I met her in 2010 during a time I said “yes” when, after a dinner in NYC, I agreed to walk a friend of mine to one of her events. I had never heard of her – or vision board workshops – but after standing there and hearing what it was all about, I said “yes,” even though I didn’t know exactly what it was. I’ve been creating vision boards with Barbara every year ever since – for my personal life and for my business.


On the episode you’ll learn:

  • While you reap what you sow, it won’t grow overnight.
  • Vision boards are not magic.
  • The power of rituals, language and speaking in the present with “I am…”
  • Why you should write down your goals. Write. It. Down.
  • The importance of deciding what you commit to being, giving and doing.
  • How, when you are worried about that big contract, project or opportunity, Barbara’s mantra will help set you at ease.


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[Music: “Someone Else’s Memories” by Revolution Void]