How to Go from Ally to CHAMPION with Polina Hanin

Elayne and Polina Hanin, Principal at Aequitas Partners, have a conversation about equity, diversity, and inclusion, and what it means to be an ally in America today. Polina talks about her personal racial “wake-up call” and how that has impacted her business practices. Whether in friendships or in the workplace, listen for tips on being a champion for others and going from gatekeeper to “gate-opener” in this episode of Support is Sexy.
June 16, 2022

How to Go from Ally to CHAMPION with Polina Hanin

Let’s talk about it for real: What does it really mean for white women to be our allies? During this honest conversation, my dear friend, Polina Hanin, and I explore what it really means to be an “ally” in 2020, the importance of intention AND accountability, and how to become a “co-conspirator” in the quest for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Polina Hanin is the Principal at Aequitas Partners — a boutique, executive search firm, solely focused on the strategic build-out of leadership teams for venture and PE-backed healthcare technology and services companies.

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