Ariel Belgrave and her three siblings learned about entrepreneurship courtesy of 5-cent cans. Their parents encouraged them to collect the refundable cans, learn how to count how much they’d make from them, enroll others in the family into their business and split the revenue between them. These experiences helped Ariel — who works full-time as a project manager at Facebook while building her own fitness business — know what it meant to scope out an opportunity, be resourceful and make it work!


Today, Ariel is the founder of Gym Hooky — a wellness company that teaches busy women how to live their happiest, healthiest lives without going to the gym. On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Ariel shares smart fitness and career tips, including how to take ownership of your career, why you should always welcome feedback, the value of being coachable and simple tips for skipping the gym but still getting it in.


On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to own your career.
  • Smart tips on how to create a feedback loop with your team and managers.
  • Why you should welcome the feedback and be coachable.
  • Why she’s on team “no burning bridges.”
  • How your sponsors help you get a seat at the table.
  • Beware of “lifestyle creeping.”
  • How to follow your just-do-it moment
  • 3 smart tips for consistency for your brand.
  • Her top social media engagement tips.
  • How to master moonlighting.




Connect with Ariel Belgrave at…

Instagram: @gymhooky

Facebook: @gymhooky

Twitter: @trinibe11e





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