Karen Taylor Bass is a small business coach who has nearly three decades of experience in strategic public relations, branding and marketing. She has helped gain national press for celebrity clients like Jill Scott and D’Angelo at the starts of their careers and for her personal clients. Karen also has been featured as a PR expert on Dr. Oz, CNN and BET, and in Entrepreneur, Essence and NY Daily News.


More than that, Karen is beautifully honest about where she is in her entrepreneurial journey, and the bumps on the road (and on the head), that she encountered to get here. You’ll be inspired by her clarity, and moved by her infectious energy!


On the episode you’ll learn:

  • Why life is like a basketball game—and the changes represent different quarters
  • How having a coach pushes you to dream bigger and can change your life
  • The important difference between your passion and your gift
  • Why the goal is quality of clients over quantity
  • The importance of reinventing yourself – especially for mompreneurs
  • Why boundaries matter.



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