Mitzi Miller has been focused on choosing happy since she was a little girl. If whatever it was didn’t seem like it would make her happy, she walked away. But as an adult, with a high-powered editor-in-chief position at a magazine she long admired, she was unhappy, felt stuck and was making herself seriously ill. As an 18-year liver transplant survivor, Mitzi’s body was beginning to succumb to the stress of her job and reject her organ. Even though she had known for some time that this position was no longer for her — and she had had great conversations with a friend about a future in television — she was trapped by the “golden handcuffs.” Thanks to a determined doctor and a lonely Thanksgiving, she finally released herself and made the leap.


Today, Mitzi — who is also author of five books, including The Vow, which was made into a TV movie for Lifetime — is VP of Development for Rainforest Entertainment, and she’s working on a new series for BET called The Yard. She lives in LA, she loves the work she does, she is healthy, she is happy. And as she shares in this episode, she wants you to know that you can walk away and be okay.


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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When it’s time to remove the golden handcuffs.
  • Difference between being exhausted from working hard and being joyless.
  • How chance encounters can change everything.
  • How to know when you’re coming to the end of a part of your journey.
  • The value of having people around you who are making courageous decisions all the time.
  • Doors open, but only if you open your mouth.
  • Be prepared, be clear, be fearless.
  • Don’t take on someone else’s baggage before you make a leap. (You’ll have plenty of your own.)
  • People underestimate what stress can do to your body.


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The Yard on BET
The Vow: A Novel
The Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Life
Hotlanta, the three-title young adult series



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