If there’s one thing that entrepreneurship teaches you, whether you’re ready for the lesson or not, it’s how resourceful you are — or not. This is one of the things that life strategist SharRon Jamison loves about entrepreneurship, and what she learned from her parents, who always had a side hustle when she was growing up. SharRon — a native of Missouri who moved around 14 times with her teen parents before she reached high school — took note of this model, and while building her career as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry during the past 30-plus years, she always had in her mind that she was going to launch her own business some day.



On this episode, though, SharRon speaks candidly about past childhood wounds, including cruel racism, that she had to overcome in order to reach that place where she felt comfortable stepping into the spotlight, and shares what we all need to understand about ourselves to overcome life’s obstacles and have the courage to be our true selves.


On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The true value of the side hustle.
  • How to utilize corporate America as the training ground for you’re life’s work.
  • Understanding that your worthiness is a birthright.
  • Recognizing when your private pain is showing up in public places.
  • Why if you don’t deal with your wounds your wounds will win.
  • You have to be okay celebrating yourself by yourself.
  • What it means to have courage to follow your truth and not tradition.
  • Reasons some of the people who are most successful often feel the least fulfilled.
  • How to recognize when something within is not working.
  • 3 things that she says each of us wants.
  • How to restructure your life so you get better, not just busy.
  • Why you must have a growth plan.
  • The importance of learning to choose yourself.
  • The different dysfunctional personalities that you need to be aware of.


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